W O R K S H O P S & M O R E
Gatherings to share, learn and grow with others.
"What a gift to share and receive stories, inspiration
and connections with the group. Thanks!" - N.R.
"The workshop was an amazing experience -
I loved 
the collaborative environment you both created." - C.M.
Finding Your Inner Voice as a Photographer
At this workshop we explored what it means to create space to listen to our inner voice.We took time to remember what makes us come alive, learned more about practices that connect us with our Soul's voice. We also spent time sharing our photography with one another to notice the thread woven throughout our body of work that revealed something about each of us. We shared our stories, our struggles and gained insights from each other.
Participants left with a deeper knowing of their inner voice and 
encouragement to continue on their creative journey.
Led by Avan Patel & Sarah Kivell
Hosted by: Anchor Coffee 

"Thank you again for your vulnerability and tenderness,
it was more than just a photography workshop for sure." - N.N.

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